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A garden open to all; anyone who shares its philosophy of kindness and tolerance to all living creatures can get involved 

A green space for gathering, connecting, enjoying, sharing, collaborating, inspiring and learning 

A haven of peace and tranquility for humans, and much needed biodiversity for wildlife


In Praise of the Onion


Egyptians of old‭, ‬or so we are told

Loved onions as if they were gold

Their concentric circles could end all stife

And a passport they thought to eternal life‭.‬

Ramses the Fourth died in Egyptian guise

Not with pearls but with onions in his eyes‭.‬


They are a journey into the past

But don’t go there too fast

Six thousand years ago it sealed their fate

When adopted by Alexander the Great‭.‬


He transported them from Egypt to Greece

As a personal military showpiece


They spread to Europe‭, ‬history attests

Hugging the heels of Alex’s conquests


Sadly‭, ‬there is little for experts to embrace

Archaeologists are forced to lose face

For onions just rot and leave no trace

So we are left with memories alone‭.‬


Now all these facts are widely known

I’d like an onion garden of my own‭.‬


‭(‬Victor Keegan 2024‭)‬

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